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Negotiating with Pakistan key to end ongoing proxy war

National Security Adviser, Hamdullah Mohib said the other day that according to available intelligence reports, the Talban leader Mullah Haibatullah has been missing for one year and Taliban militants and commanders have no information about him. NSA Mohib added during a press conference on Saturday that Mullah Haibatullah has not released any statement in this period and has not addressed any occasion too.
It is interesting that existence or non-existence of leadership among Taliban has no effect on their positions and reactions. Individuals and persons who are appointed at the head of Taliban or their leader have more symbolic role and have no effective role on Taliban or their members and lower rank Taliban fighters.
Even most of the Taliban fighters and commanders don’t know that whether their leader is alive or died and if he is alive, where is he living and what is he doing? Whenever one of the Taliban leaders is killed or passing away naturally, he is immediately replaced by another one without to be known that by whom the new leader was elected and based on what mechanism?
When the news on Mullah Omar’s death, the ex-Taliban leader, appeared in media, another unknown person Mullah Mansoor was picked up as the new leader of Taliban. While Mullah Omar had died one year before, in one of the Pakistani hospitals, the group lacked leader and they didn’t know about the fate of their leader.
Whenever Mullah Mansoor was targeted by US air raids and was killed, immediately another person, Mullah Haibatullah was picked up and appointed as Taliban leader. In all this period since his appointment, few statements were released from Haibatullah address and no more his sign or picture was released.
Now too, it is not clear whether Mullah Haibatullah is dead or alive and if he is alive, why he is not releasing statement, or he has not been seen or has not addressed any occasion? It is a fact that the Taliban leaders has no role in war and peace related issues. Individuals who are picked up as leader, have more symbolic role and are only appointed to maintain and protect the Taliban organizational structure.
But in fact, it’s Pakistani intelligence circles who maintain Taliban course and they decide as a proxy for this group. Taliban war and peace are led by Pakistan in practice and Taliban leaders have no role in it. If we assume that Taliban leader might have been alive, he would be under the strict control of Pakistan army and I.S.I and can’t move without their permission.
One of the reasons behind non-progress of peace talks is that the Taliban negotiating delegation in Doha has no decision-making authority. They receive order from another place, and they lack determination and authority. The Taliban militants who are involved in war in the battlefields against Afghan forces, don’t know for whom they are fighting and for what purpose?
They only receive order to fight without awareness on the purpose of war. Therefore, the ongoing war in Afghanistan has external content and its roots are irrigated from abroad.
In fact, Pakistan has waged an undeclared war in Afghanistan and Taliban are fighting as a proxy army of Pakistan. The neighboring country wants to have another Hizbullah for itself in Afghanistan in order to ensure her long-term strategic interests in our country.
It is not Afghanistan war with Taliban but it’s a full-scale war of Pakistan army and ISI against the Afghan people and government. In order to conclud this devastating and bloody proxy war, direct and official talks are needed with Pakistan, not with Taliban.

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