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Negative climate change impacts on millions of Afghans

The World Food Program (WFP) says as the climate change has put negative impacts on millions of Afghanistan people and the winter is almost arriving, a large number of people have no access to sufficient food and drinking water in the country.
The organization by repeatedly warning of human crisis in Afghanistan has asked for providing urgent aids to the country’s needy families.
On the occasion of the World Food Day, the World Food Program in a tweet has said that millions of Afghans are affected negatively by climate change, adding that some of the negative impacts include droughts, skyrocketing food prices and going to bed hungry.
Climate change in Afghanistan has caused a severe economic crisis in Afghanistan. Besides, the humanitarian and economic crisis has increased in the past few years in the country, which has left the majority of the population in despair as the United Nations says more than half of the country’s population live below the poverty line.
As the winter is arriving, life for the country’s population particularly the needy families is getting worse. Although international welfare organizations and some countries including India, Turkey and Uzbekistan have provided Afghanistan with food aid, economic stagnation and increasing poverty have made the new aids more urgent than ever to be provided for the needy people of the country.
Hunger and the skyrocketing food prices are two other serious problems facing the Afghan people in the country.
Nilofer, a young girl who’s winning bread for her sisters and parents, has told The Kabul Times correspondent that it’s so difficult for her to making a living.
“I’m the only bread-winner for my family. I studied until 9th grade and am now sewing to make money,” Nilofer said, adding that they have not received any aids from any welfare organizations.
Mujtaba, another Kabul resident, says there’s no work opportunity and the food prices are skyrocketing.
“I cannot find $2 on a single day. I’m only afford to buy some loaves of bread and nothing else,” Mujtaba said, asking the international welfare organizations for more urgent aids to the country’s needy people. The increase in prices of food was a big concern for poor families in the past, but in the current situation, the double increase in the price of food has put a very serious impact on people’s lives. Most of the Afghan families cannot afford to buy the first key staples of food as flour and rice.
According to Afghan economic experts, economic stagnation, hunger and the increase in the price of food have made the life conditions of the poor families difficult in the country. They believe that keeping the foreign assets of Afghanistan’s central bank frozen, increasing unemployment and climate change will double the humanitarian crisis in the country.
Although the Islamic Emirate is making continued effort to change the situation, it will take time. The IEA is working to implement small and big projects so that more people get jobs. Besides, the IEA is working to convince the international community to recognize their government.
Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.