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Need for responsible settlement of Afghan conflict

President Donald Trump has recently made comments on war in Afghanistan. According to his remarks, it seems that perhaps he intends to leave Afghanistan in such a way to benefit the terrorist groups and their advocates. These remarks not only disappoint anti-terrorism front but causes relaxation and make hopeful the terror groups and their regional and international supporters.
On the other hand, it is in contradiction with moral responsibility of the US in responsible concluding of Afghan war and president Trump promised to US and Afghan citizens as if the Afghan war constitutionalizes US stability and security and his recent remarks could be a head start for another round of crisis and catastrophy in this part of the world.
The Afghan conflict is not an issue that depends to Afghans and since the beginning it was not also a domestic issue of Afghans and it were not the Afghans who had deliberately started it.But the US-led international coalition was involved somehow in out-breaking and continuation of this devastating war. At present these countries also have certain interests in Afghanistan and no doubt their presence is first of all for their interests.
For few decades, the Afghans are involved in war and violence which are not the choice of Afghans but this long war is the result of rivalry and confrontation of the world and regional superpowers. This rivalry was interpreted as the “Cold War” between the US and the defunct USSR. None of these two or their remnants could shirk their role and evade their responsibility in this conflict.
As the roots of Afghanistan problem return to rivalry of external powers, regional and world countries, its unpleasant consequences also cannot be restricted to Afghanistan but they affect all the world nations. Among the big and small incidents that have happened, only Sep 11incident could be a clear testimony that if current problems are not properly and precisely understood, or each of the world countries who were previously involved or are currently involved in these problems, don’t think responsibly or ignore it simply and underestimate their commitment and role and don’t accept their responsibility, most likely similar incidents to that of Sep 11 would happen again and again in the world. The reason is clear, because still those circles, or groups who are called non-governmental players, terrorist groups, armed opposition of the system and relevant groups connected to international terrorism, continue their terrorist reactions.
According to available reports, at present over 20 terrorist groups are operational in Afghanistan and are hosted by the Taliban networks. Each of these groups including Taliban are connected with global terrorism or international terror organizations like Al-qaeda and ISIL and as a result universal peace, security and stability have been strongly posed with danger. Therefore the leaders of friendly countries of Afghanistan led by the US should think and act responsibly on relevant issues of Afghanistan to conclude this devastating conflict responsibly. Otherwise if they don’t think, talk and act realistically or responsibly to put an end to this chronic crisis, most likely events of post-1992 would be repeated in this country.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.