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Need cooperation to stand on our feet not interference

Afghanistan has emerged from decades of conflict and is now stepping up to become a regional trading hub.
The country would soon find its past glories, if all interferences were stopped and the international community honestly stood with the economic-tattered nation.
As the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar stated, a new agricultural plan will be launched in the near future, benefiting half of the country’s population.
The new plan made by the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, would irrigate half of Afghanistan’s lands.
Under the instruction of the country’s Deputy Prime Minister who was speaking at a ceremony held to celebrate the National Day of Farmers, the IEA’s related organs have to work for self-sufficiency of the country, as the humanitarian aids provided by international donors will alleviate urgent needs for a short-term.
Since Afghanistan is a land-locked country, a rough figure of over 70 percent of the people make their incomes through agriculture and there is a need for the soon-launch of the mega water project.
Other biggest schemes, such as TAPI Pipeline project, Lapis Lazuli corridor, the Wakhan corridor, Iran based Chabahar Port, alongside the Chinese initiated Belt-and-Road [beside benefiting nations at the neighborhood] would help Afghanistan stand on its feet and economically compete world’s richest nations.
Also, the new Silk Road which has been said to make the country a focal point of economic integration between South and Central Asia, is also one of the biggest projects, requiring world’s economic powers cooperation to be kick off to help evolve Afghanistan’s economy.
These projects, the blueprint of which have been drawn in the past, would highlight the historical image of the country’s capital Kabul as a bustling city at the cross-roads of ancient trading routes, if kicked off.
As said, Afghanistan’s only 33 percent of mapped mineral is worth up to $3trillion and has the potential of producing over 360,000 megawatts of energy.
So, there is a need for wide and unbiased cooperation from the world, especially the neighboring countries, rather to interfere in our internal affairs under different pretexts that would cause adjourning uplift projects.
To reach the economic welfare and help the war-devastated country overcome most of its economic challenges and remain self-sufficient, the international community should hear the voice of the Afghan people and honestly stand alongside them as well as some countries and economic powers to avoid interfering in its internal affairs.
Some certain countries are seen still persisting on inaccurate reports from human rights situation, arguing that the rights are being violated under the Islamic Emirate leadership in Afghanistan; while this is incorrect. Under the pretext of shutting down girl schools, return of women to their works, freedom of expression or the like, they have frequently interfered in the internal affairs of the country and unceasingly disrupting the situation. This is while, the Islamic Emirate has ensured all these values and issues relating to some, are under discussion that would soon be restated countrywide.
So, the Afghan people hope the international community, particularly, some countries in close relations with Afghanistan to extend hands to rebuild their country’s economic infrastructures rather to meddle in their internal affairs.

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Najibullah Ashraf Mojaddidi March 28, 2022 at 10:07 pm

Racism = When others define your reality.

Does Afghan Government tell EU to close all the brothel because its immoral? furthermore, Afghan Government is better off without the dictate of foreigners. 20 years of Foreign assistance should be a lesson. Afghanistan must be build by Afghans and Afghans must believe that they only can build Afghanistan.

As the saying goes – too many butchers and the cow will go bad!!!

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