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Nearly 3,000 displaced families facing winter in Paktia, report

KABUL: As many as 3,000 displaced families have been facing harsh winter in Paktia province, the Provincial Refugees and Repatriation Department of Paktia has said the other day.
“As the result of wars and natural disasters, 3,000 families have been displaced and now facing winter,” said the provincial department as reported by Tolonews.
According to them, among these displaced families only 700 families have returned to their original areas.
“About 6 or 7 hundred families have returned to their original areas but most of them still live here,” said Saber Gul Musalah, head of the Refugees and Repatriation Department in Paktia, as quoted by the private TV.
Meanwhile, one thousand families live in a camp in Gardez city. some of these displaced families said they faced various challenges, according to the private media outlet.
Pacha Gul, 80 years old, said he lives with his sick wife here in the camp and he is concerned about the coming winter.
“I am concerned about the coming winter, I have no money, people help us,” said Bacha Gul, a displaced person.
“Some people help us to eat for a few days and then there is nothing to eat and donor organizations and governments do not help us,” said Spina, a displaced person.
“Winter is coming, and people are helpless,” said Talib Gul, a displaced person.
Not just in Paktia but in other provinces, displaced people face various challenges and are concerned about the coming winter.
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