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Nearly 200 development projects to be kicked off this year in Kabul, Municipality

KABUL: As many as 200 uplift projects are expected to be launched in the capital Kabul, the mayor told a gathering held in the Islamic Emirate Media and Information Center (IEMIC) the other day.
“Part of the Kabul Municipality development plan, nearly 200 projects costing over 4 billion Afghani are said to be practically launched across the capital city this year,” Kabul Mayor Abdul Rashid Baluch said in the media meeting. Baluch said thousands of people would also be provided with job, once the projects are practically launched in the city. He also asked the citizens to cooperate and coordinate with the Kabul municipality in applying the projects.
Meanwhile, Mohammad Asef Jalalzai, head of Plan, Policy, Monitoring and Investigation for the Kabul Municipality said that this year, a balanced development has been taken in mind for the Kabul city, where each precinct has up to four projects to implement. “In the past, no project has been implemented in the Kabul city precinct.”
“Up to 8 billion Afghani, including development and ordinary budgets, have been allocated for the Kabul Municipality to fund the projects,” said the mayor.
He said the Kabul Municipality is funded by three sources, the municipality revenues, ministry of finance and other donors. “But this year, the budget of the municipality totally comes from its own revenues.”
He also asked for the resumption of the suspended projects by the donors.
A few days ago, the municipality also held a meeting in which citizenship culture has been said to be popularized.“ In the meeting, which was held at the Amani High School stadium, the Kabul Municipality leadership including its deputy cultural and social chief called on the people to join hands to keep the city clean and the planted bushes and trees protected.
S. Haidari

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.