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Nearly 150,000 acres of usurped state lands to be reclaimed in Baghlan

PUL-I-KHUMRI: Nearly 150,000 acres of usurped government land has been registered in the country’s northern province of Baghlan, the provincial governor office said in a statement the other day. “Efforts were underway to reclaim the usurped lands,” the statement said, adding that the government land was state treasury and everyone has the right to it. No one can use it for personal benefit. The provincial Governor Spokesman Mullah Alam Majidi that the commission for restitution of usurped public lands has registered hundreds of acres of usurped government land in the province since its formation, according to the statement. Alam Majidi said that the commission had so far reclaimed 6,300 acres of government land from illegal occupants and efforts were ongoing to reclaim the rest of the land, the statement added. Land department official of the provincial Department of Agriculture Dawlat Khan Darwesh said that hundreds of thousands of acres of government land had been usurped in the province and the commission had started working to recover it. He said 5,000 acres of land after being freed from usurpation was leased out to farmers this year in order to benefit the nation. Haji Mohammad Noor, a tribal elder from Dand Ghori area, hailed the government’s efforts to recover usurped land. He stressed the land after being reclaimed should be used for the benefit of the people. Local officials say besides agricultural lands, some historical sites have also been illegally occupied in the province and efforts are being made to wrest back them. Mohammad Nabi Naibi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.