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Natural resources play vital role in dealing with poverty, instability: President Ghani

KABUL: Addressing a private sector session during the Geneva conference on Afghanistan on Tuesday, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said that Afghan government has created the legal structure for the mining sector in the country.
He said that Afghanistan’s natural resources can play a vital role in dealing with poverty and instability in the country.
“To deal with poverty and instability on one side, but prosperity and empowerment on the other, the other side of the equation is our natural resources. Our natural resources are estimated to be worth one trillion dollars. But they remain on paper,” the president said.
The president added that government has also created the legal structure for mining and natural resources so that they become a source of stability and prosperity.
“In order for them to become manifest and to become a source of stability, we have created the legal structure. The mining law and the hydrocarbon law are among the very best and we have a structure of checks and balances where all the contracts are carefully reviewed by an international firm within the structure of the government,” President Ghani stated.
“Agriculture is key to stability and to global security and agriculture is key to overcoming the challenge of narcotics,” he said, adding that private sector and market building must move.  “The state, civil society and the market are not in opposition, they require a unity. This comes under the agenda of market building,” he said.
The Afghan government and the United Nations are co-hosting the conference on Afghanistan in Geneva on Tuesday and Wednesday and the world is expected to renew its commitment and solidarity with the Afghan people and the Afghan government in their bid for peace and security.
The conference provides a platform for the Afghan government and international community to demonstrate progress and commitment and maintain the momentum for presidential elections and opportunities for peace and security.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.