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NATO forces to stay in Afghanistan to prevent IS group’s caliphate establishment, SG

NATO’s Secretary General (SG) has recently declared that NATO forces would stay in Afghanistan to prevent IS faction caliphate establishment, because, the group is looking to find a place in this country.
During a Mediterranean conference held in Italy, UN SG said, “NATO and US forces would stay in Afghanistan to prevent presence of the Taliban and establishment of IS group’s caliphate.”
Foreign forces withdrawal from Afghanistan would have further impacts than US forces’ military expenditures in this country, he further said.
“If we leave Afghanistan, Taliban would return to this country, thus, the price to leave Afghanistan would be more than staying in this country. We are looking for a political agreement to tackle Afghanistan’s problems,” he added.
Recently, presence of IS group in a number of provinces have been following with serious concerns, but the government’s officials and experts believe that serious steps ought to be taken against this faction.
Afghan government officials and experts say that Daesh group is a global threat and it needs joint regional and international cooperation to be fought.
Amid recent insecurities in the capital and other provinces of the country, security officials stressed in the lower house of the parliament that they are ready to fight any terrorist groups endangering Afghanistan’s security.
An expert Haroun Mir believes that if the regional countries want to prevent Daesh activities in their countries, they should cut their relations with them, besides they should bolster joint regional and global cooperation to completely uproot the extremist groups.
IS group had big plans and wanted to change Afghanistan into their hub, but they have been knocked down by the Afghan security forces, defense ministry officials said.
A political expert Ali Rahmani says that current strategy of fighting international terrorism is focused on a wrong geography and it has been faced with defeat somehow.
In fact, hideouts and the places where the terrorist groups’ financial and training centers are located should be focused, he stressed.
There is no doubt that the government of Afghanistan is not lonely capable to fight terrorism, because, it needs world’s firm will to fight insurgency particularly the Daesh, he added. A military and political expert Amir Mohammad said that over the last seventeen years, the government of Afghanistan has always stressed that the terrorists’ hideouts located beyond the borders of the country and they should be targeted. Now, the people of Afghanistan expert the world countries to take practical steps on uprooting terrorist groups, he added. This comes as over the last more than one and half a decade, billions of dollars have been spent on fighting terrorism, during which a number of international forces have also been killed, but still terrorism not only threatens Afghanistan, but also the entire region and the world.
Suraya Raiszada

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