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Nationwide survey to be launched to ascertain drug addicts

KABUL: The Interior Ministry in joint cooperation with the Kabul police plan to launch a nationwide survey to identify the number of drug addicts, the reason behind their addiction and to determine the level of illicit crop cultivation in Afghanistan, according to Khalid Zadran spokesman for the Kabul police. “We would conduct a joint survey with the Counter-Narcotic Department of the ministry, through professional teams and dispatched to areas where drugs were cultivated,” said the spokesman. T he teams, according to Zadran, will ask farmers questions about reasons for switching to the cultivation of drugs and what they want in terms of alternative livelihoods. The information would also be collected about the numbers of drug addicts and reasons for the use of narcotics, said the spokesman. T he Ministry of Interior (MoI) has recently shown the figure that up to 85,000 addicts have been rounded up across the country and 7,000 of them are under treatment at rehabilitation centers in Kabul since the Islamic Emirate’s takeover of the country. The leadership of the Islamic Emirate issued a decree last year banning the cultivation of poppies, drug trafficking and dealing in narcotics. Mokhtar Safi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.