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National Wheelchair Basketball team to participate in the Asian matches

KABUL: The country’s National Wheelchair Basketball team is in Thailand to participate in the preliminary competition for the Paralympic Asian Games. Mawlavi Abdul Wudood Haqqani, Chairman of the National Olympic Committee and Sports of the country said: “Physically disabled athletes should play with strong morale and high spirituality with the motive that they represent a Muslim and strong na- tion and in accordance with all the Islamic Sharia laws.” Also, the head of the wheelchair basketball federation, Shukrullah Zhirak, assured the full preparation of the national team and said that the national team has practiced hard and complicated exercises before and it is expected that they will defeat their rival team and enter the Paralympic Asian Games. The national wheelchair basketball team will play its first match against Kuwait on Monday, May 8, and then the second match against the Philippines. Eight Asian countries will participate in the competitions, they will compete in two groups and the winning teams will get the right to participate in the Asian Paralympic Games. It is expected that the Paralympic Asian Games will be hosted by China in the near future. S.Raqib

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.