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National unity; the lifeblood & secret of Afghanistan’s survival

All world countries and nations are alive with their national unity as the unity guarantees their existence and development. Unfortunately, Afghanistan has experienced bitter periods of time in the past four decades due to violence and fighting. Foreign interferences, invasions, civil war and hundreds of other catastrophes have changed the country into a ruined land.
In the past few decades, Afghanistan has lacked a central powerful government; therefore, commanders and warlords have ruled on their areas and continued destructive disputes in the country.
Although there has been a puppet regime called the republic in Kabul, it has been weak that has not been able to govern Kabul, the capital, as armed robbery, killing and kidnapping and several other crimes have been common businesses in Kabul and countrywide. With the Islamic Emirate (IEA) takeover in mid-August 2021, security has improved and all catastrophes have ended. The life of each single citizen is now safe and the people who are all living in brotherhood.
The current unity and empathy considered as the secret of Afghanistan’s survival should be further strengthened and those trying to somehow destruct the foundation of national unity and brotherhood in the country should be seriously suppressed and introduced to judicial organs for punishment. Afghanistan is the home of all Afghans and no tribe is superior than another tribe. With the IEA takeover, all tribes are treated as equal as they have lived with each other for long years.
Unfortunately, there are a number of figures and opportunists who are looking for opportunities to destruct the bases of national unity in the country as they are working day and night on social media to follow their destructive agenda. It is the responsibility of the country’s intelligence services to identify these individuals and spoil their vicious agenda which is all to destruct the national unity in the country.
Mohammad Daud

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.