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National unity; the best way to reach lasting stability in Afghanistan!

Lasting stability and security are considered as fundamental principle for the development and progress of a country. Those nations enjoying peace and stability have developed hundreds of years comparing to those living in instability and war.
Yes, people can only reach lasting stability and security when they’re united and have national unity. There are several tribes with speaking various languages are living in a country. It’s naturally true that their culture, social and living procedures are different, but they should have a single vision in national issues and national values should be equally respected.
Our ancient and historic country is made of various races and citizens. There’s no superiority of a tribe over another tribe in the country and no superiority of the people of a tribe over the people of another tribe in terms of resources and privileges. All tribes are members of the body of this land and the pain of a member is the pain of all.
Thanks to Almighty Allah! After 20 years of the western invaders, the country is now free, corruption has down to its lowest level, the central government is governing the country and security has unprecedentedly improved comparing to past.
But, sometimes civilian targets are attacked by unconscious enemy – crowded places, mosques and educational centers are attacked to harm civilians. The enemy wants to destroy the national unity of the Afghan nation with their brutal acts. To prevent such incidents and reach enduring peace and stability, national unity is the best and short way through which we can reach lasting stability.
For maintaining national unity in the country, the government, political figures and the people have a range of obligations to follow:
The government is responsible to give part to each tribe and segment of the people based on their talent, capacity and profession in formation of the system. Development projects should be implemented without any discrimination in consideration to existing possibilities in all parts of the country. The government is responsible to provide each Afghan with facilities of getting education and finding employment, strengthen the unity impetus among the people and add or include written subjects about the importance of national unity in educational curriculums.
Likewise, religious Ulama, political and social figures have the responsibility to prefer national interests rather than personal interests, work for the unity of the nation and build the affection level of the homeland among the nation and work to increase their political wise level.
The nation has also the responsibility to fully stand with the government. They should not be indifferent in incidents and insecurities. They should timely inform security organs of any enemy’s nobilities and thus fulfil their national responsibility and lead their country towards lasting stability.
I can surely say that if each of us fulfil our responsibility for maintaining national unity in the country, we will soon be the strongest and most united nation in the world, and we will be then a stable nation for the rest of our lives and have a strong, stable and developed Afghanistan, if Almighty Allah is willing.

By: Atta Mobariz

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.