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National tree planting campaign kicked off in Kabul

KABUL: The Kabul Municipality and the National Environment Protection Authority (NEPA) have jointly launched the national tree planting campaign by planting a tree on the Nadir Khan hill here in the capital Kabul.
In the ceremony held late on last week, the Kabul Municipality’s Greenery Department Mawlavi Abdul Wakil Mutawakel spoke about further coordination between the people and the relevant departments for the development and greening of the capital city.
Mutawakel called planting trees important and effective for the protection of environment and health of human beings and said that the Kabul Municipality was ready to plant 600,000 saplings in various parts of the capital.
“Thousands of saplings have been planted in various recreational parks and green areas of the city since February 21,” said the official asking the people for fulfilling their religious and national duties for the greening of the Kabul city. The Kabul Municipality said it had to plant thousands of trees including fruit ones in various parts of Kabul city and will work together with the people for the irrigation and protection of the planted trees.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.