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National, political parties should call for unity in Afghanistan

By: Lailuma Noori

History witnesses that in some human com munities including Europe, national, democratic, and even opposition group have temporarily put their fundamental and ideologic differences aside and in a broad-based and joint front raised their voice against war.
What should be done? Do the people of Afghanistan have any role to change the situation?
With the headline that President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has recently said that Afghans are in war on international terrorism, but the people particularly we as knowledgeable figures mostly viewers and reporters as we only report and share data and figures; for example, where and how districts fell to the Taliban, how many were killed and wounded!
Let’s precisely review this answer and find whether there is any possibility or it is needed to call for a unity in such circumstances in which US and NATO have left Afghanistan.
This revolves around the possibilities of uniting national and democratic parties, which largely have the idea of progress and anti-war in the country, and perhaps the first question is: Is it not too late for getting united against the ongoing war in the country.
The prompt answer is: Even if it’s too late, we have no choice. The current impasse should be broken, but how?
The biggest precondition to create such a unity is to first put all differences aside and instead think for the country’s future, or repetition of crisis of collapse of Najibullah’s government will be a must.
But, what has been seen and experienced is that all sides to the past war are persisting on their yesterday’s positions and consider what they have done in the past as legal and justified.
If selfishness and irresponsible thoughts are put aside, we can conquer and will definitely succeeds as it is time to get started. All current political groups whose religious and traditional leaders are no longer alive should bring domestic reforms in their parties and later end to cold war between each other and create a unity to save the nation from the phenomenon of terrorism.
It is believed that formation an interim and transitional government in such a circumstance in which war is ongoing won’t be a good option as it did not resolve the problem in the past; instead, the current republic system should be fully supported with its all achievements. Afghan experts believe that if the country’s political parties and member parties in the unity work honestly and create a great force, the armed opponent groups including Taliban will be defeated. In conclusion, it is very important and necessary to say that no political groups and parties of the past half the century cannot fully acquit themselves and consider others or their opposition responsible for today’s misfortunes and crisis. Each of them are part of today’s tragedy in Afghanistan.



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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.