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National, int’l support existed for Afghan forces: President Ghani

KABUL: Addressing a second consultative meeting with military officials and commanders on a potential peace deal on Monday evening, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani praised Afghan forces braveries in war on terror, saying their stance denied enemies to reach their vicious goals.

“The nation is proud of you. You are defenders of the constitution because you support national unity and Afghanistan’s sovereignty,” the president said, as quoted by the presidential press office statement. He also said that national and international support exited for them.

President Ghani says the withdrawal of about 4,000 American troops would not affect the situation of Afghanistan. He added NATO countries, as indeed the international community, were committed to support Afghan security forces as their main partners.

“Our stance on ending the war has provided an opportunity for the Taliban to agree to violence reduction. Now there is an opportunity for negotiations and an end to the war in the country,” the president said, according to the statement.

The president went on saying that he was using the available opportunity to end the conflict, however he said it was up to the Taliban whether they are ready to seize the opportunity or not.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.