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National flag; symbol of Afghans unity & sign of freedom

By: Lailuma Noori

Afghanistan government has declared 7th of Asad coinciding with 29 July as National Flag Day and it is determined that the day is marked in a particular ceremony in the country.
The day is celebrated differently in all provinces of the country through hoisting the national flag everywhere and holding cultural, art and social programs. Decorating walls and public locations of cities were some other programs which were carried out on the threshold of commemorating the day.
Based on 19th article of Afghanistan constitution, the flag of Afghanistan shall be made up of three equal parts, with black, red and green colors juxtaposed from left to right vertically. The width of every color shall be half of its length, and at the center of which the national insignia shall be located. The national insignia of Afghanistan shall be comprised of an emblem and a pulpit in white color—at the two corners of which are two flags, inscribed in the top middle the holy phrase “There is no God but Allah and Mohammad is his Prophet, and Allah is Great.” This shall be inscribed and superseded on rays of a rising sun, and in its lower part, the year 1919 in the solar calendar, and the word “Afghanistan” encircled on two sides by sheaves of wheat shall be inscribed. The law shall regulate the use of the flag and insignia.
The flag’s colors have been suggested for the first time by King Amanullah Khan in a Loya Jirga.
According to interpretation of King Amanullah Khan, Afghanistan’s current flag consists of three equal vertical bands of black, red, and green. The black color represents the dark past when its foreign policy was under control of the British Empire, the red represents the blood shed for Independence, and the green color represents hope and a prosperous Islamic future.
Flag is considered as the sign that plays key role in introduction of a country and shows impetus, wishes and modality of political, religion and philosophy’s theory of a nation and describes geographic, cultural and incidents’ circumstances of a nation’s history. Each country has a flag with consisting different colors showing a country’s identity.
According to Afghan historians, Afghanistan flag has been faced with widespread changes due to changes of government systems during the past few decades as Afghanistan has one of the most changing flags in the world.
“National flag is the sign of the Afghan people’s beliefs and culture. Making use of the flag in Afghanistan has around 5,000 history, but the first national flag was hoisted in the country during the era of Abdul Rahman Khan government. The plan for hoisting the flag was an example inspired from the black flag of Abo Muslim Khurasani, who used the flag for fighting the Bani Omia government,” said Ali Akbar Fayaz, an Afghan historian.
He asserted that the founder of Afghanistan Ahmad Shah Durani was also the country’s only ruler who used the national flag in war.
According to the respective historian, one of the efficiencies of national flag is to give a government legitimacy as the people accept a government’s legitimacy by seeing a flag used by the government.
It is worth mentioning that Afghanistan flag has witnessed mostly changes during the 20th century comparing to any other countries in the world.

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