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National Conference on New Transit & Travel Routes held in Kabul

KABUL: Amrullah Saleh, First Vice President, participated and delivered speech yesterday at National Conference for New Transit and Trade Route towards Sufficient Afghanistan. 

In the conference held yesterday at Chahar Chinar Palace, head of the Afghanistan Investment Facilitation Unit Attaullah Nasib briefed related to the conference, saying that the conference was aimed to assess ways of solution of problems and opportunities of Chabahar Port and Lapis Lazuli route. 

He said that there were still a range of problems for exports and imports via the respective routes and the government has started work to solve all these problems based on visions and suggestions of the participants. 

Afterwards, acting minister of transportation Qutratullah Zaki and deputy minster of customs and revenue for finance Mohammad Essa Qutrat spoke and said that exports level was increasing day by day due to solution of problems in transportation, reopening of ports closed during coronavirus outbreak and addressing problems of traders, adding that the imports level has also become normal. 

Meanwhile, head of Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) Sayed Zaman Hashimi and head of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce Federation Mohammad Ismail Ghazanfar by praising the government for attention to private sector said there was still problem ahead of transit, suggestion the government for 24-hour work in customhouses to prevent from traders’ losses. 

In the conference, acting minister of foreign affairs Mohammad Hanif Atmar praised the country’s President for his vision towards economic development, hoping that the conference would give energy to the vision as it could help Afghanistan and the region develop, maintain peace and stability. 

Afterwards, First Vice President spoke and said the conference was aimed to show the country’s domestic capacity and investment opportunities to Afghanistan international allies as the country was changing to a connecting point for all countries. 

“Currently Afghanistan has close and friendly relations with Central Asian Countries and its economic relations are expanding by passing each day,” Saleh said, adding that by implementation of the country’s economic vision economic development of not only Afghanistan but the whole reason and world could improve.      

At the end of his speech, the First Vice President said urgent steps have been taken to address problems of private sector, instructing head of Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG) to issue necessary instructions to governors to address problems of national traders in customhouses. 

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.