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National Assembly legitimacy to directly affect election process transparency

The transparency topic of election process has been reviewed and criticized by political groups and parties while the evaluation process of national assembly runners’ documents is ongoing by the Independent Elections Commission (IEC) delegation and soon the last list of successful candidates would be declared.
The parties’ representatives reacted on bringing changes in registration process and believe the election process would not be void of frauds.
They asked IEC and Electoral Complaints Commission to review and bring some changes in the process.
This is while the national assembly candidates’ registrations and their documents’ review is about to end and besides, less time is left for holding elections.
In fact, observing transparency and prevention of frauds would not only rise the trust of national assembly nominees, but would also pave the way for legitimacy of the assembly creates after the elections.
However, there is no doubt the warning measures taken to hold a transparent election would follow with positive effects.
At the beginning days of voter registration process, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah stressed on prevention of interferences by government high-ranking officials during elections.
If the president and CE decision is decisively practised, the people would make sure that transparency would be observed in reviewing of national assembly nominees’ documents and elections processes.
Otherwise, any national assembly and districts councils’ candidates who win the elections based on frauds and lack of transparency, he/she would not only have the legitimacy of presence in the house, but also won’t enjoy the people trust. Therefore, the national assembly nominees who are waiting to find way in the parliament after reviewing their documents, should make effort to observe election regulations and pay heed not to play with people’s clean votes like last elections and try to consider people rights while approving draft regulations and government laws so at the end, they don’t be shameful before people.

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