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Nangarhar sees 200 tons increase in honey product, statement

JALALABAD: Honey products have seen up to 200 tons increase in east- ern Nangarhar province, the pro- vincial agriculture department said the other day. The reason for the increase in the honey products, beside security, in Jalalabad, is transfer of tens of honeybees farms from the neighboring Paki- stan, said the agriculture depart- ment. The department in a state- ment said it was planned to strengthen the farms and increase honey further than ever by in- creasing the number of honeybees in the province. “The government should provide us with different flowering shrubs and help the honey producers increase and
strengthen their farms besides pro- viding other facilities,” said Riaz Mohammad Rodwal, head of the beekeeping union in the country’s eastern province of Nangarhar.
“Over 600 beekeeping farms are now operational in different parts of the province, where hon- ey products have increased by 200 tons this year,” he said.
According to him, the main reason behind increase in honey product, was sure security and transfer of beekeeping farms. “Each kilo of honey is now sold in 300 afghani inside the country and the price would increase, when we start its import abroad.”
Rodwal went on as saying that more than 2,000 people have now
been directly working in the farms and that hundreds of people are provided with indirect works by the farms. He said in order to keep and feed more honeybees, they have planted different flowing bushes and provided other facili- ties in some green sites of the prov- ince.
The honeybee keepers also asked the government to provide them with enough market to pre- vent the import of low-quality honey from the neighboring coun- tries. He asked the ministry of fi- nance for tax-exemption on their products, as they face hardship, while moving from one place to another.
Nik Mohammad Nikmal

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.