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Nangarhar Canal irrigates thousands of acres of lands, statement

JALALABAD: The Nangarhar Canal has an important role in the country’s economic development, a statement from the provincial press office said Tuesday.
“The 71-kilometer canal that can irrigate 155,000 acres of land with olive groves, palms and other fruitful trees, can play key role in the economic development of the country, if provided with good domestic and foreign markets,” said the statement.
“This is a large water canal with a length of 71 kilometers passing through six districts with 31 canals and 6 equipped hydro-technical structures, irrigating 175,000 of acres of land, the statement said adding the said canal had four mechanical farms, such as Huda, Lachpur, Ghaziabad and Batikot,” said the statement.
Nangarhar Canal has 1755 hectares of olive groves, which are exported to foreign countries after processing and packaging in the largest and most equipped olive factory in the region.
Along with the beauty of the area, the canal gardens also have a special role in reducing the temperature and reducing the strong winds, the statement quoted.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.