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Muslims should get united to overcome challenges

The importance of unity in life can never be over-emphasized. Great works are always the result of united efforts. Unity is the greatest strength of any group and conversely, disunity its greatest weakness. In Islam, there is such great importance given to unity that it has been made obligatory to perform the salah five times daily in a united congregation. Salah in such a manner is an extraordinary example of unity. The question now arises: when Muslims perform the daily united congregational salah in the mosques on such a grand scale, why is this very unity completely absent from their practical lives? The reason for this is that real unity can only be established when differences are tolerated. Remaining united despite differences is the formula for true unity Muslims perform the congregational salah in the mosques, because in doing so there are no differences that arise. The momentary or temporary unity in the mosques is a unity without any differences, whereas, life outside of the mosque is full of differences. Here, it becomes necessary to lead our lives in a united manner despite our differences, and to ignore or tolerate the differences whilst maintaining mutual unity. Present day Muslims lack this second attribute and that is why they have no real unity in their social lives. To be temporarily united whilst carrying out ritual acts is very easy, but to remain united and live harmoniously whilst ignoring or tolerating differences is extremely difficult. Ritualistic unity can be maintained as a form of routine, but true unity requires a conscious awareness. Muslims of the present day do not possess this conscious awareness, and this leads to there being no real unity in their lives. There is no doubt unity and consensus has a miraculous role in developing a nation and achieving their higher goals. Muslim unity is a major and undeniable problem of the time. Today’s Muslims are suffering from numerous problems, and the basic reasons for their plight are some sectarian hatred, creed prejudices, lust for power, intolerance and many other materialistic interests. All these things have combined to confirm falling for Muslims, which deprived them of their honor, dignity and power. On the other hand, the enemies of Muslims are united and they are fully aware that their strength lies in the weakness of Muslims. Hence, they are engaged in making conspiracies to divide Muslims. Historically, it is proved that sowing germs of disunity and disintegration among Muslims has been a very old and an effective tool of Jews and Christians. Whereas the Holy Quran warns us to be united and to remain aloof from them. The Almighty Allah also commands Muslims to observe patience and retain unity among them by following the principles of piety and brotherhood. It is possible only when Muslims are involved in “fraternity” with broadmindedness. At the same time, it remains the core responsibility of the Muslim rulers to play their role in this connection. It is time that the Muslims should get united. Besides, the Islamic world and countries should come together and work for unity of Muslims so that they can overcome all challenges the Muslims are facing in today’s world. Mashal Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.