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Muslims in Gaza breaking their fast under Zionist Regime bombardment

Despite the holy and blessed month of Ramadan, the atrocities of Zionist military forces have intensified, and reports indicate that dozens of people have been martyred as a result of new bombardments in various areas. Although the residents in Gaza already faced acute hunger and other challenges, the problems have increased after Ramadan arrived. Muslims in Gaza fast while they are facing acute food due to the crimes of the Jewish state and the silence of the leaders in the Muslim lands Muslims in Gaza are breaking their fast this evening while the rulers in the Muslim world sit with their families, ministers, and other officials around tables filled with different and delicious foods to break their fast. I don’t know whether their conscience allows it or not, but the reality is that Muslims are facing immense humiliation. A glaring example of this is the recent method of sending humanitarian aid to Gaza, where even the most disbelieving nations are doing so. They pour food supplies through the air for the people of Gaza, who receive it with great disrespect. Therefore, Muslims are required to liberate themselves in terms of military, politics, economy, land, technology and other aspects, and liberating from such matters should be prioritized.Muslims need to have their own economy, politics, technology and armaments since the more Muslims remain in the embrace of disbelievers, the more humiliated and degraded they become. Nisar

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.