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Mullah M Omar Mujahid; the founder of the Islamic system in modern history

After the success of the great Jihad of the Afghan people against the Soviet Union, it was hoped that a powerful Islamic system would be established in Afghanistan and Afghans would enjoy peace and prosperity after more than a decade of war and suffering. But unfortunately, due to wrong policies and foreign conspiracies hopes and expectations, of some Afghan leaders and foreign conspiracies, civil wars under the names of tribes and parties started in the country, where thousands of innocent people were killed, several cities destructed and ruined and risks of division of the country increased. As it was fighting everywhere and the Afghan nation was suffer ing from brutalities of local commanders everywhere in the country, the best figure of the century appeared in the form of the Taliban and laid the foundation stone of the Islamic Movement of the Taliban with some limited possibilities and with the help of a few sincere and loyal colleagues and started his efforts against the oppression ongoing in the country. With the help of Almighty Allah, justice and security were maintained in many areas, which was why he found immense popularity among the people across the country. In a gathering, a round of 1,500 ulamas and dignitaries pledged their allegiance and accepted him as Amir al-Muminin in early April 1996. With firm beliefs, unique trust in Allah, wise planning and the help of the nation, this great man with full determination took over a large part of the country and ruled the Islamic system as justice was ensured, wars ended, and the Afghan nation enjoyed five years of prosperity. The late Mullah Omar’s strong determination became more evident when 22 years ago, the West led by the United States started asking for handing over Osama bin Laden. Some Islamic countries also joined and supported the U.S.’s stance. But unlike all assumptions and predictions, Mullah Omar refused and considered the demands of a great power like the United States as absurd. He on the basis of Islamic zeal entered the war with the West and promised his friends with great certainty and satisfaction that he would win this war with the help of Allah. After 20 years of struggles and Jihad of the Afghan people, the West led by the United States was forced to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan. Although in this modern world, Mullah Omar, the founder of the Islamic system is not alive, but his followers and colleagues have managed to rule the Islamic system across Afghanistan, ensure justice and security, protect the territorial integrity of Afghanistan and free this country from the clutches of evil and corruption leaders. Alhamdulillah! Sediq Logarwal

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.