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MoWA says more than 7200 cases of violence against women registered in 1398

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Delbar Nazari, Minister for Women’s Affairs (MoWA) who attended “State Accountability to Nation Program” Conference at Government Media and Information Center (GMIC) on Thursday said that her led ministry had planned a total of 39 major activities in the fiscal year 1398, including two completed activities, two ongoing activities and also works on two other activities has begun; but due to some problems it has been delayed.
“The average percentage of progress of all activities of the MoWA reaches 90%. The MoWA has launched awareness-raising programs at 224 districts in 34 provinces and 57 government departments at the Center about Women’s Legal, Political, Economic and Cultural Awareness. 10 press conferences were carried out on preventing acute violence against women, combating against drug abuses and conditions of addicted women and other barriers to women’s progress in the country; in addition, launching a 16-day Campaign to Stop Violence Against Women are the other activities of this ministry in the field of awareness regarding violence,” the minister said.
Nazari told reporters that MoWA has registered a total of 7284 cases of violence in FY 1398, adding that of these, 1236 cases have been referred to supporting centers and 3396 other cases have been handled by legal advisers.
“As a result of the internal audit of the ministry’s Anti-Corruption Department, an amount of 400,000 Afs of remaining cash and 600,000 Afs from the sale of useless stuffs were delivered to the states revenue based on the inspectors order,” the women’s affairs minister said, calling establishment of the Anti-Corruption Committee, activation of the electronic attendance system, establishment of a complaint box, signing of MoUs with the anti-corruption administration and the development of seven rounds of corruption awareness trainings as other activities of Ministry in the fight against corruption.
“The MoWA was able to spend 91% of its regular budget and 89% of its development budget in FY 1398,” she added.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.