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MoU signed for establishment of new economic corridor

KABUL: A memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed for the establishment of a new economic corridor among Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, China and Kyrgyzstan at the end of a two-day meeting in Tashkent, a statement from the Afghanistan Railway Administration (ARA) said the other day.
Representatives of the Afghanistan Railway Administration, Uzbekistan, China and Kyrgyzstan signed the MoU for creating a new economic corridor between these countries.
The corridor which has been signed on a trial basis for a period of three months is expected to containerize commercial goods from China will first come to Kyrgyzstan and then to Afghanistan’s Balkh province via Uzbekistan and Afghanistan railways, also Afghanistan’s products and transit will reach China in a few days through the corridor.
The corridor is a combination of multi transportation tools, in some parts, a new economic corridor has been created which will be transported by trucks but most of them by railways.
With the implementation of this economic corridor the commercial commodities that previously took two months to reach the country by road from China will now reach the country in two weeks.
With the establishment of the corridor, the governmental revenue will increase and the prices of commercial goods will be reduced and employment opportunities will be provided to a number of citizens.
According to the statement, a significant discount is implemented on the tariff of commercial goods.
It should be noted that the ceremony was held by Uzbekistan and from the Afghan side, Mullah Bukhtur Rahman Sharafat, CEO and General Director of Afghanistan Railway Administration, and Mawlavi Khan Mohammad Mazhabi the financial and administrative assistant, participated the meeting lasted for two days with the agreement signed on Friday.
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