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Motivation and movement prerequisites to success

Undoubtedly, nations and systems driven by motivation and movement reach the peaks of success, experiencing significant victories and remarkable happiness in their present state. The nations and countries boasting about their superpower status in today’s world, playing the drum of progress, have reached the pinnacle of civilization and technology—all fueled by motivation, movement, and effort. However, on the contrary, lazy and idle nations have consistently been immersed in the whirlpool of backwardness and decline throughout history, tracing their downward trend. Today, non-Muslim nations are at the peak of progress and advancement due to movement and effort, and the drums of progress are beating worldwide. With their modern tools and weapons, they pose a threat to the Muslim world and the Islamic community, presenting significant challenges to third-world countries. Today, only the occupying country, the Jewish state, can, with impunity, bring a tremendous Islamic nation to dust and blood, even committing genocide. However, most Islamic countries are unable to speak out against this heinous crime or even express criticism and protest. All of this is the result of the laziness and negligence of Muslims, leading to a culture of indulgence and gluttony that has caused Muslims to lag and kneel in the face of humiliation, poverty, and lack. What the Muslim world, Muslim nations, and especially the people of Afghanistan need to do today is to break free from the chains of negligence and self-indulgence. They should strive in the path of knowledge, wisdom, and education, wielding the weapon of knowledge to reach the peaks of success, progress, and advancement. In other words, non-Muslim countries will engulf these nations, and the day will come when they will implement the plan to destroy the Muslim world. Therefore, we must create motivation for ourselves and strive in the light of that motivation to carry out righteous and constructive actions for our country and nation. Mukhtar Safi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.