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Mothers need attention more than ever

The greatest thinkers, philosophers, inventors, mystics, known authors and revolutionaries of history, each of whom has played a role and created wonderful changes in human history, have risen from the skirt of a mother.
June 14 coincidence with Mother’s Day. Celebrating and honoring Mother’s Day is because it has been said [proverb] that men’s ascension comes from the skirt of a woman. The philosophy of the proverb is that the Holy Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (PBUH) entered the divine ascension from the loving skirt of a mother.
Mother is the greatest gift that should be recognized and respected for her esteemed position.
In our country, the power of war on the fronts of women’s liberation and creation in the cultural and social fields has a historical history.
Like men, women have also made and created the history of our country. Women such as Malalais, Zarghonas, Zahras, Surayas and other lionesses of the country created epics in different periods of history.
With the feeling of philanthropy and peace-loving, mothers play major role in building and promoting peace and friendship more than any others all over the world.
“Heaven is under the feet of the mothers.” This highlights that the mothers’ spiritual value which is reflected in her pure love for her children. And it is said that the first teacher of every human being is mother.
A mother dedicates all her times to educate her children and by giving up her desires wants to offer sound generation to the society.
But can this day be celebrated by offering only a floral wreath or a gift to the mothers only?
In the past, our society faced many problems and mothers were not excluded of these problems. Years of conflicts and insecurity left mothers mourning their dear ones. Many mothers are now taking care of their families without men and have stood like a strong mountain in the face of adversity.
Undoubtedly, every person in this homeland is indebted to the mothers who have tolerated challenges for their children.
This should also be noted that in the developing countries, mothers have fewer opportunities than in developed countries.
Afghanistan celebrates the national Mother’s Day, while they are facing many challenges. Poverty, illiteracy and violence almost overshadow the lives of most mothers in the country.
The Islamic Emirate must take effective measures to improve the situation of mothers.
Mothers, in Afghanistan, work hard to win a piece of bread for their children.
Mothers living in remote provinces, villages and towns do not have access to health services and due to the lack of a hospital, mothers either die during childbirth or suffer various diseases. They should be paid attention and provided with maternity centers.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.