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Most Afghans lacking basic essentials, as winter arrives

This is just one month to the winter of this year, but the harsh climate has already arrived, leaving thousands of households in desperate need of aids all over the country.
Foodstuff are still high and not affordable for the poverty-stricken families. The price of fuel, including coal and firewood has remarkably soared up countrywide. Winter clothes, proper shelters and cold-resistant tents are yet to be accessed by the people of poor economy in the country, as most of them have recently returned to home from overseas.
This is also to be noted that thousands of Afghans have recently been deported from Iran, Pakistan and Turkey and are seeking shelters, food, medication and other primary assistances.
In most parts of the capital Kabul, the economic and humanitarian situation are heartbreakingly deteriorated.
More Afghan families, mostly internally displaced households are seen in different parts of the capital, having to sell their belongings in order to buy materials to heat their houses and at the same time have to face increasing food and other essentials items costs.
In a timely fashion, getting aids and the necessary supplies to the people of poor economy, are a very harsh challenge. And this is the most important thing to have the sanctions exempted for humanitarian purposes that paves the way for the aid organizations to continue their work for the Afghans battling harsh climate.
The government, particularly the related organs should do their best to provide fuel and makeshifts for those families who recently returned home, until they were resettled in their native areas. For all citizens of the country, the organs concerned have to take preparations during harsh climate and other unprecedented incidents, including natural disasters.
The international donors should keep their humanitarian aids flow for the Afghans who are particularly suffered the recent changes in political system.
Also, the country’s national businessmen should also be charitable and donating for the people, lowering the prices for them and providing them with free basic essentials during the upcoming cold weather.
We have hundreds of big and small private enterprises and business companies in the country. Each of them can provide tens of poor families with half of their needs met.
They should join hands to assist their countrymen and help them spend the cold weather well.
The shopkeepers should also take in mind the peace of their customers and make efforts to lower the prices for them as most of them lacked work, residence and other accommodations.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.