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Moscow should respect principle of State to State relations

Available reports say that the Russian government has invited a number of Afghan politicians and a delegation of Taliban to Moscow to talk with them. The Russian government intends to sit influential Afghan politicians and Taliban around a table and this is what the Taliban want it.
The Taliban want to talks and discuss Afghanistan political future with Afghan influential politicians and political parties not with the Afghan government. Invitation of Taliban and Afghan politicians show that Russia agrees with the Taliban and wants to implement their plan. But global and legal obligations of Russia as state require them to observe Afghan government opinions and considerations.
No doubt that there are serious disagreements on talks with Taliban between presidential palace and certain influential Afghan politicians. The presidential palace wants the Taliban to talk with the Afghan government as a state on political future of the country. But due to unknown reasons, certain influential politicians have accepted Taliban plan and want to talk with Taliban representatives on future of the country.
These politicians have not responded precisely this question that why the Afghan government don’t talk, while responsibility of war and peace is the government obligation not that of political parties and political figures.
In 2001, Afghanistan was in different conditions. In that time the Taliban government was collapsed and Afghanistan lacked a government. But this time, Afghanistan owns a government in which all political forces are present. So why the government should not talk with Taliban as representative of all political forces and citizens of the republic? If Taliban refuse to accept it, why collective pressure is not exerted on them to acknowledge the principle of talks and share their roadmap with the government.
Amid this situation, the Russian or every other government is obliged to respect opinions and considerations of the Afghan government as a legitimate state. According to international law, the Afghan government is a legitimate government. Russia officially recognizes the Afghan government and has embassy in Kabul and Afghanistan has diplomatic presence in Moscow. Russia had already confirmed presence of the world community in UNSC in Afghanistan for war on terror and government building. The state to state principle of relations requires that Russia should respect opinions of the Afghan government.
If the Afghan government disagrees holding of any meeting in Moscow between some Afghan politicians and Taliban delegation the Russian, government is obliged to cancel it based on recognized principle of intentional laws and relations.
No doubt, Russia suffers great loss of continuation of war in Afghanistan because continuation of war causes expansion of terrorism and drug trafficking networks in Afghanistan. Russia suffers from drugs trafficking and expansion of terrorism. Stability in Afghanistan and improvement of government body is in benefit of Russia.
All countries of the world have accepted that current war in Afghanistan has political solution. Despite of these realities, ignoring of the Afghan government is a big mistake.
If the Russian government could pave the way of talks between Taliban and the Afghan government, all would welcome it.
But ignoring of the Afghan government and holding of a meeting between political parties and Taliban in absence of the Afghan government representative is an issue that Kabul considers it unfriendly.
The Russians must listen the considerations of the Afghan government, realize position of Kabul and approach it as a legitimate government.
The Afghan government has posed no threat to any central Asian countries or Russia. Afghanistan accounts all central Asian countries as her commercial and security partner.
The Afghan government has never been an instrument at the hands of anti-Russia powers. The official bodies of the Russian government have never accused Kabul on charges of an anti-Russian agenda.
Therefore, the Russian government should notice its international obligations and principle of State to State relations and help to restore peace and end the war in close coordination with Kabul.
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