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Moscow Format and Afghans expectations

Once again, another meeting, within the Moscow Format, is expected to be held in Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan to discuss issues relating to Afghanistan. The country’s acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Mawlavi Amir Khan Muttaqi has traveled to Moscow to attend the two-day meeting scheduled on September 29. Similar meetings have also been held in the Russian capital, where, the Islamic Emirate’s representative was invited to attend. Also, other meetings, attended by representatives from some neighboring countries, have been held on Afghanistan, but the Islamic Emirate’s representatives had not been invited to attend. The key agenda of these gatherings have also been issues relating to the security and stability of Afghanistan and the challenges facing the Afghan people. The meetings had no positive outcome for Afghanistan, as there was no one to represent the Islamic Emirate and share the achievements made for Afghanistan, after the resumption of power by the Islamic system. Actually, the Moscow Format, which is the Russian initiative aimed at finding out ways to tackle issues relating to Afghanistan. Also, other similar meetings, focused on Afghanistan’s issues, because of having to Islamic Emirate’s representative remained futile. The expectation of the people of Afghanistan from the new Moscow Format meeting is to crucially discuss achievements made since the political change in mid-August 2021. Sure security, fighting corruption, counter-drug efforts and fighting drug trafficking and most importantly elimination of terrorist groups, roughly, the so-called Islamic State militants all over the country, could be called the key achievements made within the last more than two years since the power takeover of the Islamic Emirate. On the other hand, women’s rights have also been ensured within the Islamic sharia and women education’s suspension has been called by the related organ temporal. Delegations from the region and world countries are frequently visiting Afghanistan and expressing their satisfaction from the current security, ensured by the Islamic Emirate. The most recent visitors to Afghanistan, were the delegation from the Austria’s conservative members, right-wing Freedom Party who arrived in Kabul just two days ago. They fairly assessed the situation of the country and in their meeting with the Islamic Emirate’s acting Foreign Minister, Amir Khan Muttaqi said would share the real facts, including improved security with their country’s authorities. They said they had earlier heard something else through the media prior to their visit to Afghanistan, but they are now sure that the situation is very good in the country that suffered more than two decades of conflicts. Similar visitors from other countries have also conveyed the fact to their government authorities and either Moscow Format or any other similar meetings, held on Afghanistan, should argue about the realities of the country and the country urge the region and world to strengthen their engagement with the Islamic Emirate and finally take a step forwards towards recognition of the current system.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.