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More than 100 in Uruzgan’s district have eye problems, report

More than one hundred men and women of a district in Dehrawood district of the country’s southern Uruzgan province are facing eye problems and blindness, according to a report released by TOLOnews. According to the TV, the majority of people with eye issues are children, particularly girls, who struggle with an unknown future. These residents of Uruzgan said that because of this disease, they are isolated from society and no one seeks friendship or intimacy with them. “Three to four of my young girls have this (eye) problem. Around 20 people are facing this challenge in the homes of our cousins and brothers,” said Sediqullah, a resident of Uruzgan province. “We have been passing along this disease from our ancestors and this has spread from one generation to another,” said Abdul Karim, a resident of Uruzgan. The residents said that a medical team visited them a few days ago to provide care but the team said that this illness cannot be treated inside the country, they must travel outside for treatment. They asked aid organizations to help them in this area. “We have been told that we cannot be treated inside the country and we should go outside the country for treatment,” Juma Khan, a resident of Uruzgan, told TOLOnews. “I cannot do anything due to my eye problem. I sit in my place and cannot see anything,” Saleh Mohammad, another resident of Uruzgan, told TOLOnews. According to medical professionals, this illness is inherited from one generation to the next. They assert that another cause of this illness is being married to a close relative. The head of Uruzgan’s Martyrs and Disabled Affairs Department said that more than twenty members of this family are registered with the department and they are paid monthly. “This disease is being spread hereditarily from one generation to another generation,” said Zia Rahman Niazi, the former chief physician of Uruzgan Provincial Hospital. This comes as a medical team from the Ministry of Public Health treated hundreds of blind individuals in Uruzgan for free three weeks ago with the financial support of Australia. Monitoring Desk: S. Raqib

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.