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More quake-affected families receive newly built houses in Herat

HERAT: At least 387 homes, in an official ceremony, have been handed over to the quake-affected families in the Zinda Jan district of the country’s western province of Herat, the provincial Information and Culture Department said in a statement Tuesday. Addressing the ceremony, the Director of the provincial information and culture department and the spokesperson of the Commission for Addressing the Problems of the quakeaffected families Mawlavi Ahmadullah Muttaqi said the houses have been distributed under the supervision of the commission to the quake-affected people in 13 villages of Zinda Jan district of the province, according to the statement. “Construction work on a total of 544 houses in 15 villages for earthquake- victims have been completed, of which 387 houses are distributed for the quake-affected families and the rest 157 more houses will be distributed to earthquake victims within ten days,” the statement quoted Mawlavi Muttaqi as saying. Muttaqi added that in addition to providing houses for the quake-affected people, the Islamic Emirate has also provided other necessary services including transporting patients to the center of the country for treatment, building mobile clinics to treat patients in the villages and providing edible and nonedible items for the earthquake victims in Herat province. The spokesperson of the commission for addressing the problems of the quake-affected people according to the statement, went on as saying that the budget of the 544 houses worth 120 million Afghani has been paid by the Islamic Emirate, as well as the construction of 4,000 houses have been completed by 85 percent and after completion, the houses will be distributed among the quake-affected families in Herat province. Meanwhile, a number of people who have been provided with new shelters expressed pleasure and thanked the Islamic Emirate for providing them with houses in the cold weather. They also asked the Islamic Emirate to pay attention in providing them with other necessary services. Javed Husain

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.