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More facilities to be provided to traders in Afghanistan

Trucks and other vehicles travel in the mountainous area near Torkham, close to the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, on March 21, 2017. - Pakistan on March 20 ordered the border with Afghanistan to be reopened "immediately", a month after it was closed amid soaring tensions as Islamabad and Kabul accused one another of providing safe haven for militants. (Photo by ABDUL MAJEED / AFP)

The Islamic Emirate relevant institutions have taken practical steps towards the re-development of the
country’s economy and good governance.

It is clear that a series of problems that are currently existed need some time to be addressed. The Islamic Emirate is also working to address the problems facing Afghan traders in the country as the country’s economy needs to be developed and without economic development, it is not possible to go forward. It is true that addressing all problems facing the private sector and traders will take time, but good that the leadership of the Islamic Emirate is trying their best to address all the existing problems. The Islamic Emirate relevant institutions have taken practical steps towards the re-development of the country’s economy and good governance. In the past almost two years, the Islamic Emirate has been able to bring transparency in customhouses and relevant departments of income as all witness considerable increases in revenue. Besides, considerable progress has been made in trade between Afghanistan and other countries in the re gion and world comparing to the past few years. The Islamic Emirate leadership is planning to provide further facilities to traders and owners of manufacturing companies. According to Da Afghanistan Breshana Sherkat (DABS), efforts are underway to provide 24h electricity to factories so that they can increase the production of domestic products in the country. Moreover, overall security has been maintained across the country and traders can go ahead with further investment in the country. Efforts are also underway to address problems and lift obstacles that have been preventing traders from investing in the country. This is why the Islamic Emirate high-ranking officials are offering national and foreign traders in each meeting and Expos for investment in the country. It is a good opportunity for both national and foreign traders to invest in various areas in Afghanistan. The Islamic Emirate is also making efforts to manage the extraction process of the country’s minerals and mines as the continued efforts have resulted in increasing the country’s revenues. The Islamic Emirate has also taken necessary steps towards starting and launching major projects in the country. Hopes are increasing by passing each single day that works on more major projects will be started in the near future. In recent weeks, representatives of various countries have paid a visit to Afghanistan, where most of them were focusing on strengthening economic relations with Afghanistan. Ground has been already paved for strengthening economic relations between Afghanistan and countries in the region and world based on protection of the mutual interests. We hope Afghanistan is changed to a self-sufficient country in the region. Afghanistan has taken all necessary steps to reach self-sufficiency in the past two years. Samiullah Momand

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