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More alternatives should be sought to reduce prices

Afghanistan's economy still struggles, but years of Western assistance have helped keep markets well-stocked, like the Old City Bazaar in downtown Kabul.

Some key items’ prices, including edible and fuel, have risen despite decrease in foreign currencies rates against Afghani. Few weeks ago, the prices of edible items, such as flour, rice and cooking oil hiked as the sellers sought excuses for the rise in U.S. dollar price against the national currency. The dollar price did not remain at its previous level. It dropped eye-catchingly, but the prices of essential items are still high. Also recently, the dollar price against Afghani fell by up to four to five hundred Afghani, but the price of fuel (petrol, diesel and liquefied gas) are still on the rise. Flour, rice and other food item prices are also on the rise. The sellers had not yet offered satisfactory reasons for the hike in the prices. However, some organs concerned and the office of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment argued that the reason behind the rise in the oil price in the global markets was long war between Russia and Ukraine. The chamber said every day Afghanistan imports more than four thousand tons of oil from some neighboring countries such as Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Iran as well as Russia with the cheapest prices compared to many other countries; like India, Dubai and Pakistan. As the known business feature of the country, Khan Jan Alokozai a member of the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment believes, the country’s consumption, (recently mostly oil) reached to four and four and a half thousand tons and the importers import the amount, but the prices hiked due what they said a certain reason: “The rise in the prices of some items, is the reason that some companies have risen the prices of their materials; especially the prices of fuel and oil. The effect is due to the road being blocked and efforts are underway to increase business through Turghundi and Herat,” said the ACCI, something not satisfactory. These reasons cannot satisfy the people and drivers who are the only breadwinners of their families through such a small business. For the tranquility of their people, governments exempt taxes on the importers of food and fuel. In some countries, the primary food items prices are as low as beyond your expectation. The related organs of the Islamic Emirate can create state-run cooperatives like in previous decades to offer all needed items to government officials and to the ordinary people with reasonable prices. Economically, this can help decrease the prices of preliminary items; roughly, edible and fuel. Likewise, farmers should be helped with alternative seeds and encouraged to cultivate legitimate seeds such as wheat, barley, bean, etc. instead of resorting to the poppy plantation and the government should purchase additional crops from them and store in the warehouses to may offer to the market when needed. Also, the government can reduce the prices of fuel through the extraction of oil resources as the country, according to experts, have more than four oil fields; the most known one is the Amu River, which is currently being extracted. The abovementioned alternatives can help reduce the prices of food and fuel permanently in the country, otherwise, the current condition is intolerable for the war and poverty-stricken people

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.