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More Afghans should be encouraged to return home

Afghanistan Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation (MoRR) says the number of Afghans returning to the country from neighboring and other countries of the world has unprecedentedly increased in recent weeks. According to the ministry, hundreds of Afghan families return to the country on a daily basis. Afghans have suffered from various foreign invasions, wars and interferences of foreign countries for the past four decades; therefore, the majority of Afghan families have had no other choice except to seek refuge in neighboring and other countries of the world. Most of those living as refugees in other countries of the world are facing various problems. With the Islamic Emirate (IEA) takeover in mid-August and the improvement of the overall security situation across the country, the number of Afghans returning to the country has considerably increased. Increasing the number of returnees to the country shows that the majority of Afghans are in aspiration to live in a peaceful environment in their country. No Afghan want to live under critical circumstances in other countries of the world. They return voluntarily and hope that the number of Afghans who would like to return to country will further increase in coming weeks. It was the result of some foreign countries’ invading propaganda that some Afghans started looking for leaving the country following the withdrawal of US-led NATO forces from Afghanistan. Now that most Afghan refugees are in favor of returning to country, it actually shows that overall security situation has improved across the country where the people enjoy living in a safe and peaceful environment. We consider returning of Afghan refugees to country as a good omen. This shows that the country is moving towards stability and the people now trust on current government of Afghanistan. It is time that the real picture of Afghanistan is reflected to the world. Both the government and people should reject all those propagandas reflecting increasing poverty, hunger and others and somehow making the young generation leave the country. For example, after the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, Afghans found that some networks have started working to double negative propaganda against the Islamic Emirate and the people of Afghanistan. Thanks God that their negative propagandas have been foiled completely and now all see considerable improvement and developments in various area as political, security and economical. With improvement in various areas, Afghan refugees have started returning to country and the process has been accelerated in recent months. It is now the responsibility of the Islamic Emirate and other relevant national and international organizations to provide assistance to those returning to country so that they can also take part in rebuilding the country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.