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Moral governance of the holy Prophet the best constitution

The main goals of all prophets, particularly that of the holy prophet of Islam Mohammad (peace be upon him) were to propagate monotheism, ethics and Islamic sharia at a whole for the Muslim nation.
The spreading of religious law is a means for achieving monotheism and ethics and a move towards the best Islamic governance for an Islamic system.
A constitution is not only established for developing a democratic system, but from the onset, the holy prophet of Islam Mohammad (PBUH) established a just society as he strove to propagate and practice the equal and fair distribution of funds, as he couldn’t tolerate poverty engulfing the Muslims at that time.
The prophet of Islam Mohammad (peace be upon him) taught religious laws, which can be termed a full and complete Islamic constitution even during his political life.
The socio-political life of the prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) should be focused and practiced by his followers from a moral aspect, which can be called a type of his good governance for the Islamic nation.
On the other hand, establishment of a constitution is regarded as the most important law that can govern all of a country’s citizens and the rules and regulations are the key for a system to function and provide services to people.
A constitution is a document covering rules and regulations, under which, a nation or a state should function and a country’s constitution likens a master plan for governing its nation.
So, this was good news for the whole Muslim people of Afghanistan, after the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate talked about the government’s efforts to write and approve a constitution based on the Islamic sharia that will replace the previous one.
Work on the formation of the constitution is underway and the Islamic emirate has now started to set the national assurance as lack of it will cause heavy challenges ahead of the government.
However, most parts of the previous constitution have also been tantamount to the Islamic law, but it was not practiced as much as required.
Formation of a constitution can also be one of the most important factors which may persuade the international community to recognize the Islamic Emirate, as it on its turn, can guarantee national legitimacy of the system.
The contents of the constitution can be formed through summoning a committee or a grand assembly with membership from religious scholars, politicians and other of the country’s elites.
The commission for overseeing the constitution, with new honest and committed members, would also resume works and a good governance with strong and wide Islamic pillars would be restored.
The Islamic Emirate is gradually stepping up towards a good governance and state-building in accordance with the Islamic sharia.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.