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MoIC statement on Jam Minaret

Unfortunately, the recent heavy floods-imposed threats to some of the country’s historical monument and ancient sites in some parts of the country.
The country’s citizens have also been informed about the dangers facing the historical Jam Minaret, through the audio-visual and print media.
The heartbreaking picture of the historical minaret forced huge number of countrymen to send thousands of various letters and messages to the address of the Ministry of Information and Culture.
This is the most important responsibility of the Ministry of Information and Culture to protect the whole historical monuments and ancient sites in the country and it is duty bound to carry out its responsibility with full professionalism and national commitment in any parts of the country.
This principle is also implemented for the base of the Jam Minaret. This minaret drew attraction from the last different systems and consecutive effective steps have been taken for its reconstruction, protection and reputation which ultimately, resulted in its inclusion into the World Cultural Heritages List and both the MoIC and the UNESCO are jointly supervising and safeguarding the minaret.
Last year, floods have been prevented to endanger the base of the historical minaret, but the recent stormy floods caused some threats to the base of the minaret, after the provincial information and culture directorate reported about the threat, last Wednesday.
After the report, the following steps have been taken to control floods around the minaret:
– The ministry shared report about the threat facing the minaret with the National Security Council, the ministries of national defense, interior as well as the Presidential Office Administrative Affairs and the state ministry for countering natural disaster for urgent cooperation in this regard.
– The ministry sent an urgent cash of up to 200,000 Afghanis for those to manage the common works for the clearance of the areas around the minaret.
– Locals around the jam minaret have been asked for cooperation in this regard, under a Memorandum of Understanding signed with the ministry of rural rehabilitation and development earlier.
– Armed militants asked to avoid any activities and disturbance to the workers around the jam minaret. But unfortunately reports indicated that clashes were ongoing near the jam minaret and there were reports of human losses.
– The UNESCO preparation for cooperation in this respect, under the previous Memorandum of Understanding signed with it, has also been received.
– On Monday, the ministry’s plan approved by the country’s President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and tasked the related organs to provide short-term and long-term plans for consolidation of the minaret base, and to travel to the Ghor province along with the UNESCO technical team.
– On Saturday, an archeologist team was sent to the area to closely monitor the minaret affected areas and provide specific plans for its consolidation and protection, and some needed steps have taken after the arrival the first team.
The Ministry of Information and Culture was committed to jointly work with the UNESCO to complete work on the consolidation of the Jam Minaret base during the current year 2019.
The Ministry of Information and Culture asks our compatriots to spare no efforts in protection of their historical and cultural monuments, as the government alone cannot bear the responsibility.
Hasina Safi
Acting Minister of Information and Culture

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