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MoIC says it’s good opportunity to develop Afghanistan culture & art

Mawlavi Khairullah Khairkhwah, Acting Minister of Information and Culture (MoIC), has reopened the country’s National Gallery.
In opening ceremony of the National Gallery held last week in Kabul, acting minister of Information and Culture said it was now a good opportunity to develop culture and art in Afghanistan and the ministry was making effort to provide ground for the country’s artists and cultural figures within the of Islamic principles.
“The country’s artists, cultural figures, writers, youth and all cadres should be given the perception that they should make effort towards expansion and development of the country’s art and culture,” Mawlavi Khairkhwah said, adding that the country’s youth, cultural figures and
all other cadres should introduce the real and rich culture of the country to the world.
While expressing the support of the MoIC from the country’s artists, acting Minister of Infor mation and Culture added Afghanistan had the best Islamic and cultural values and the ministry was trying its best to hold big cultural and art programs through which the country’s Islamic and cultural values were introduced to the people inside and outside of the country.
Meanwhile, Afghan citizens have praised the ministry of information and culture for its step towards development of the country’s real and rich culture and art, hoping that the step will increase hopes among the people.
“Afghan women’s paintings inflecting the country’s culture and art are produced mostly in remote areas of Afghanistan.
They have dome much for the development of the country’s culture, but they have not been known as artists in society as their identity has been kept hidden behind their paintings,” said Shamsia Zarif, an Afghan painter to The Kabul Times correspondent.
Most of paintings of Afghan women are delivering the messages of peace, hopes, beauty and bitterness of live with dark and light colors as they have suffered continued fighting in the country.
Ahmad Rahimi, another Kabul resident, by praising the ministry of information and culture for its recent step said that painting had both real and social approach as novels and subjects that have never been said or heard were usually included.
“No attention has been paid to the art in Afghanistan so far as the hours of art specified for students at schools are mostly nothing but entertainment,” Rahimi added.
It is worth mentioning that in current geography of Afghanistan, painting has a long history but no considerable attention has been paid to the art of painting in Afghanistan in different periods as countless works of art have been stolen. Continued fighting in the
country has also affected the works of art in the country as migration of Afghan artists is considered as a big challenge to development of art in the country.
Saida Ahmadi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.