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MoIC intimate, cooperative with men of culture: Minister Zuhair

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Acting Minister of Information and Culture, Mohammad Tahir Zuhair, on Wednesday said that his-led ministry was close and cooperative with the men of culture.
Addressing the ceremony of Golden Reed Academy Prize giving to a number of poets and writers, the acting minister said that the ministry was making efforts to keep continue being intimate and cooperative with the people of culture.
According to the Bakhtar Information Agency, at the event, attended by a number of government officials and scientific and cultural figures, the Acting Minister congratulated the winners of the cultural awards and thanked the Golden Reed Academy for launching the program.
The acting minister also spoke about the cultural situation of the country since the reign of the Father of the Nation and said that over the last 20 years, some fundamental works have been done in the field of culture and some change has also been brought in this field, the agency quoted.
“This change needs to be institutionalized by the managers and institutions, and that the institution in charge of culture is the Ministry of Information and Culture,” said the minister as quoted by the agency.
The acing minister added that former officials of this ministry have done a lot in this respect, however not enough and didn’t meet all cultural needs as over the past 20 years, culture has not been given priority.
The acting minister also said that the ministry was string to be in constant, intimate and cooperative coordination with the people of culture and to support any cultural activities, the agency quoted.
Also, Najibullah Manali, the head of Kelke-Zarrin (Golden Reed) Award Academy, provided the audience with information about the activities of this institution and said that this academy started its activity ten years ago and every year an award is given for books and works of a number of writers and poets.
“This year, out of 20 selected books by poets and writers, including a Tajik poet and an Uzbek author, eight works have been recognized as eligible for the award.
Later, Abdul Manan Shiway Sharq, Deputy Minister of Publications of the Ministry, spoke about the cultural situation in the country and valued the role of culture in various fields of society and stressed the need for cultural revival.
Similarly, Seyyed Reza Mohammadi, Head of the Writers Union, Dr. Ehsanullah Darmal and Gulnoor Bahman, spoke and thanked the Ministry of Information and Culture for its cooperation in holding this program, and they also considered cultural growth important for the growth of various areas of the country, the agency quoted.
At the end of the ceremony, the Acting Minister Zuhair and a number of officials conferred letters of appreciation and awards to the winning poets and writers of the Golden Reed Academy, including Ustad Mohammad Maheq, Tamanna Tawangar, Junaid Sharif, Anwar Wafa Samandar, Amena Fana and representatives of Jullan Jullaiv and Abdul Jabbar Sorush, and Uzbek and Tajik authors.

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