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MoIC celebrates International Mother Language Day

Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC)celebrated 21st of
February, as the International Native Language Day at the conference hall of the ministry that was attended by relevant officials,
academic cadres, social activists and youths. Mawlavi Saaduddin
Saeed, the Deputy Minister of Culture and Arts of the Ministry of Information and Culture in his speech said that language is a
means of communication and delivering a message to others in the
society and we should respect all languages spoken in our society.
He added efforts should be made to enrich our native language.
Meanwhile, Mohiuddin Hashimi, languages researcher and
member of the Academy of Sci
ences of Afghanistan, said:
“Mother tongue has a significant value in a society.” He further added that Language is a tool that transmits culture, civilization and ideas from one generation to the next. According to him, there are
several languages in Afghanistan, and we have to work for their
growth and development.

Sulaiman Nuristani, chief editor of education curriculum of the
Ministry of Education said that all languages should be strengthened and that no language should stand in the way of another languages.
More languages in a country is the sign of diversity and there
should be equal efforts for the growth and development of all
these languages. He added that the curriculum should be printed in
local languages of concerned regions because it is the basic right
of students to pursue education in their mother tongue or national
During the event, cultural experts Nematullah Safi and Asadullah Poyash also spoke about the history and value of mother
It is noteworthy that February 21
st of each year is designated
as Mother Language Day by the
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
(UNESCO) and is celebrated every year around the world.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.