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MoHIA to provide pilgrims with more travel facilities

KABUL: The Hajj pilgrims of the country will be provided with necessary travel facilities in the coming Hajj process, the Ministry of Hajj and Islamic Affairs said Sunday. In a meeting which was held on this occasion at the Government Media and Information Center GMIC, the acting Minister of Haj and Islamic Affairs said that a total of 30,000 Afghan pilgrims will be provided with new facilities during their Hajj trip. Acting Minister of Hajj and Religious Affairs Mawlavi Noor Mohammad Saqib, while addressing about Hajj facilities said that an equal share has been considered for Afghans in the coming Hajj program, according to the statement. “Those Afghans who are living outside the country will be provided with share in the Hajj program,” Minister Saqib said. The coming Hajj pilgrims’ flights will be made by Kam Air Airline in the four zones of the country and every pilgrim will pay about 340,000 Afghani (some 3,924 U.S dollars) for Hajj expenses, the statement said. Hajj expenses with considering the people’s economic situation have decreased compared to the previous year and the nearest hotels have been booked in the Mecca for living of Afghan pilgrims, the statement further said. Also, some important contracts had earlier been made with some companies in Saudi Arabia to provide Afghan pilgrims with necessary facilities during the Hajj process, the statement added. For better coordination and implementation of Hajj processes, this year every of 45 hajjis have been provided with an instructor as well as instruction books will also be distributed for them. Women and men have the same rights to participate in the Hajj process, according to the statement. Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.