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MoF says 100 bln Afghani collected this solar year

The Finance Ministry of the Islamic Emirate has said that over 100 bln Afghanis have been collected from the country’s customhouses in the 11 months of the current solar year.
It is the first time that the country’s revenues from the customhouses have reached 100 bln Afghani, while, during the previous governments it had not reached over 72 bln Afghani and it is a considerable achievement of the Islamic Emirate.
The Ministry said: “Despite, the Islamic Emirate has decreased the customs tariffs of the foodstuffs by 68 percent, but the country’s revenue from the customhouses has reached 100 bln Afghani before the end of the current fiscal year.
“In order to transparently collect the revenue from the customhouses the National Academy of Revenue and Customs (NARC) has launched some training workshops for a number of freshly appointed employees in the country’s border customs, as well as, a 15-day training workshop was started at the Torghundi Border Customs,” the ministry said.
In the workshops employees will be given practical and theoretical training in the provision of customs tariffs, pricing, customs violations, investigation skills and other relevant customs issues.
Meanwhile, the General Directorate of Customs installed the second Analog High Tonnage scale in the Spin Boldak border port of the country and the scale will detect the exact weight of the exported and imported goods and it will prevent the loss of national incomes.
This is to be noted that the unprecedented increase in the country’s customs revenues shows that the professional and committed cadres have been hired in the customhouses, the level of corruption has decreased to zero and the revenue has been transparently collected.
Currently, the customhouses provide 16 to 24-hours services for all commodities and all the obstacles that created some challenges for traders and paved the ground for corruption have been removed from the customhouses.
In order to increase the country’s revenue and collect it transparently, the Ministry of Finance and particularly the General Directorate of Customs are committed to modernizing all customhouses and providing necessary facilities for traders.
After the Islamic Emirate resumed power in the country the Afghanistan’s foreign assets frozen by the U.S. which led the country to face severe economic crisis, but due to the transparent collecting of revenue in the country’s customhouses, the value of Afghani against foreign currencies kept constant and nearly 800,000 government employees are paid monthly salaries from the domestic revenues.
On the other hand, the country’s Chamber of Commerce and Investment said: “Currently, the country’s revenue from customhouses increased significantly, because administrative corruption has decreased.”
One of the board members of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment says that the country’s revenues were not collected transparently in the previous government due to increasing corruption; therefore, the people were unhappy about the increasing corruption and embezzlement of revenues that had been collected from the customhouses.
A number of Afghan economists believe that if the country’s revenues are spent on infrastructural projects, the country’s economy will grow rapidly because there’s now transparency in collecting the incomes.
In its recent report, the Office of Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs has said that with the efforts of the Islamic Emirate, the collapse of the banking sector has been deterred and the trust of the citizens is increasing by passing each single day.
It is worth mentioning that the World Bank in its recent report has said that the price of food and fuel products has decreased in Afghanistan, the value of the afghani has remained stable against foreign currencies, and the amount of exports has increased significantly comparing to previous years. Shukria Kohistani

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