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MoEW new programs for management, reserving of waters

Talking on new programs for better management and reserving of waters, the Afghan Ministry of Energy and Water (MoEW) said that it plans to implement construction of small and big dams.
Addressing the media, acting head of MoEW General Department of Water Arrangement Ahmad Wais Basiri said, inclusive programs have been undertaken for construction of big and small dams for better management of water that would be started soon. Next week we would start different programs.
These projects have two advantages, water would be better managed and floods would be prevented.
A source of MoEW said that due to recent rains, the level of water of Kajaki hydropower dam has elevated 59 meters and hope that problems related to power generation and irrigation would be removed.
Last summer due to lack of rain and drought the water level of Kajaki hydropower dam had decreased to 46 meters. In Jan 2019 the Afghan government signed purchasing contracts of metal nets for five important river regions to eliminate drought impacts and prevent of floods.
In recent years in northern Afghanistan including Emam Saheb, Shortapa and Qarqin districts which located along the Coast of Amu River, arable lands of local inhabitants were destroyed by water overflowing.
While president Ghani has also committed to manage waters but some lawmakers criticizing the government said that he has failed to better manage the waters. Lawmaker Eng Saheb Khan a member of the House Water and Energy Arrangement Commission said, unfortunately a system has not been setup for better water management and in the last 18 years we failed to manage Afghanistan waters and large quantities of waters are wasted. The president had promised to construct dams but no step has been taken so far. Based on available reports, Afghanistan contains over 75 billion cubic meters shallow waters but only its 30 pc are being used and the rest 70 are flowing into Iran and Pakistan and are exploited free of charge. Some times before, the MoEW with cooperation of the World Bank prepared a guideline under the name of (Dams Immunities)and introduced it to dams officials. At present there are 20 big and small hydropower dams which have been partially destroyed and have technical problems. Based on the guideline we plan to rebuild them. They include Daronta, 2nd Sorobi, Qargha, Mahiper, Naghloo, Sar-e-House Faryab, Sultan, Dahla, Kajaki etc that in the last two years, have been evaluated by local and foreign experts, their shortages have been clarified and would be rebuilt, as at present repairing of Qargha and Daroonta dams is going on.

Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.