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Mobile payments helpful, President Ghani

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan said that government employees shouldn’t be concerned about their salaries anymore as electronic payment system has been created, a statement from the Presidential Palace said Tuesday.
At a meeting held on the advent of Afghanistan Digitalization Week attended by the related organs, the country’s president said government employees shouldn’t be concerned of their salaries anymore, as the digitalization system has been created, the statement said.
With the payments automation and integration of salaries, for the first time, both the country’s leader and the entire people of Afghanistan know that how many is the formation of the state and how the budget is being spent, said the statement quoting the president. The president called the system an important and key issue in speeding up the transactions and said that the reason behind sluggish movement in different fields was the use of the complicated system. “After this, no administration can hide its formation and with the payments through electronic system, those who have come to the office by middlemen would not receive salaries,” said the president as quoted in the statement. The country’s president called the system very effective in prevention of corruption and creation of transparency and said hereinafter, both the civil servants and the militaries can easily receive their salaries.
The president thanked the organizations jointly worked for providing the system and said: “Whenever you work coordinately in any fields the result would fruitful and effective.”

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.