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Mobile; Its benefits and harms on children

5- Perfect route and traffic guide: With a smartphone in hand that has popular programs such as Wiz or Nash and other similar programs, it is easy for us to find the best route. Every person definitely cannot have all the routes of a country in his mind and this is impossible. But having these phones makes it easy for you to find the best route.

6- Entertainment device and even memory enhancement: We have times when we have nothing to do. Returning from work to home in public vehicles or when we don’t feel like doing something and are looking for entertainment. Of course, excessive use of mobile games causes addiction to such games, and moderation should be observed in using them. So far, it was one of the advantages of smart phones, but this device has disadvantages that cannot be ignored:

1- Phone addiction with: As you know, the issue of mobile phone addiction is considered an important issue and in different countries, different clinics have been built for this addiction. Every day that passes, we become more dependent on our mobile phones, and if we don’t have the phone for a few hours, worries will come to us, which will make people feel uncomfortable.

2- Loss of phone and loss of confidential information: Keeping information on mobile phones is good and it helps you to easily access your personal information or pictures. If one day your phone is lost, your personal information will be in great danger. Personal information may be banking information, confidential matters and private conversations in email, etc. If lost, it may cause great damage to you.

3- Disturbance of the senses: One of the most important causes of various accidents is the use of mobile phones while driving, which is against the law in different countries. For most of the drivers, it may have happened to send an instant message, read the message or call someone, but this issue disturbs our senses, which may cause various damages or problems. This may lead to the death of people.

4- Creating individual problems: In different social networks, each person may have a page or be a member in it, but even though everyone knows that these virtual networks are not reliable, users may be deceived or scammed, in these cases the network can’t be tracked and if someone is scammed, there is no way to find that person

5- reduction of communication skills: The replacement of this technology instead of face-to-face communication has minimized human communication to a large extent. An increase in such communication leads to a decrease in face-to-face relationships. Definitely, such communication cannot be a suitable substitute for close communication with each other, or it is not a suitable substitute for verbal and emotional communication between friends and acquaintances.

6- The problems that the use of cell phones and smartphones can have for children can be summarized in the following cases: Children’s finger injuries Risk of cancer Many physical injuries due to the use of hands-free Mobile phone addiction Limited learning Dealing with inappropriate information. End Tawfiqullah Fani

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