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Mis-e-Ainak, the largest copper mine in Afghanistan

Mis-e-Ainak which is the second largest copper mine in the world and one of the largest in Afghanistan, is located in central Logar province, 40 kilometers on the south of the capital, Kabul.
The site is Afghanistan’s largest copper deposit that contains 5.5 million metric tons of high-grade copper as well as possesses a vast complex of Buddhist monasteries, homes and ancient markets areas.
The art crafts recovered in the site has 3000-5000 history.
In May, 2008, two Chinese state owned companies were awarded the contract of the mine.
These companies were Metallurgical Group Corporation (MCC) and Jiangxi Copper Company Limited (JCC).
The contract pledged the Chinese government to build a railway line as well as coal-fired power generation to Afghanistan because the site was on the popular route of Silk Road that could help regional countries in trade and transit but the companies has reportedly asked for substantial modifications to the contract. In 2013, the companies had asked Ministry of Mine and Petroleum to re-negotiate the contract’s terms but Afghan government was not happy with the modifications in the proposal and insisted on continuing with the existing terms.
One of the excuse behind delay in operation was insecurity in the area but according to reports there have been only 2 incidents in the area with very few casualties.
The Ainak copper mine has a special value for Afghanistan economically and can lead the economic infrastructure of war and insecurity to prosperity.
However, in Afghanistan, contracts have been on paper for many years, such as the TAPI, Casa 1000 railway projects and dozens of other projects, but in the current situation where war and insecurity have ended, this gives us hope that the work of implementation of this project will begin in near future.
Mohammad Dawood

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.