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Minister Safi highlights Afghans struggle for Independence

By: The Kabul Times

One hundred years have been passed since gaining the country’s Independence and freedom. Independence and freedom are two holy words in dictionary of the people of this land that is mixed with blood and flash of this freedom-loving nation.
I congratulate this auspicious day to all nation of our country and especially to history-making women and mothers of Afghanistan.
The historical evidence shows the fighting of men and women of this country against alien invaders made colorful the pages of ancient history of Afghanistan.
If Zarghonas, Malalais, Akbar Khans, Masjedies and others fought and deposited the outcomes of their epics to today’s generation (Independence), the yesterday’s and today’s generations also never play with the outcomes of blood of their forefathers and safeguarded the independence, freedom and democracy with their sacrifices against overtly and covertly plots of evils. The role of honest women and men of this homeland in defending from national and Islamic worthies of this country is prominent and evident.
One hundred years before, when the people of Afghanistan gained the complete independence of the country under the leadership of King Ghazi Amanullah Khan, Afghanistan began its move in the way of cultural, political, economic and social progress, the idea of new and progressive Afghanistan was practicing step by step. But alas the alien hand didn’t permit Afghanistan to pass completely the progressive and development itinerary that selected for itself.
Anyway, one hundred years have been passed since that time and today, the nation of Afghanistan is experiencing the great test of ending of war. No doubt, if other hands were not involved in this war, finally, the people of Afghanistan could find the common language of themselves and could end this riot. The hypocrisy and plot unfortunately involved Afghans with each other.
Availing the opportunity, I want to address armed government opponents to end to mourning ceremonies and respect motherland. This would be your great gift to the 100th independence anniversary of the country.
At the end, once again, I congratulate the 100th independence anniversary of the country. 

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.