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Mining helps Afghanistan reach self-sufficiency

Local media confirmed that the Islamic Emirate has gained millions of U.S. dollars in revenue from the Qashqari crude oil within ten days. According to media citing the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum of the Islamic Emirate, the Qashqari phase of the Amu Darya in transparent bidding won by a domestic company could sell up to 20,000 tons of crude oilfield costing 10 million U.S. dollars in one day, as the ministry earlier announced that over 130,000 tons of the crude oil worth 71.6 million dollars, has been sold within the last ten days. In other fields, the related organs of the Islamic Emirate have tried their best to introduce the country’s mines transparently to help the country develop. This is clear that the Islamic Emirate, since its resumption of power, has struggled in the fields of the country’s reconstruction, economic self-sufficiency, creation of employment for millions of jobless individuals and helping the country’s domestic products access global markets. Indeed, if the country’s mines are extracted transparently and domestic products are encouraged and supported and provided with global markets, undoubtedly, we can strengthen, not only, civil institutions but can also strengthen our military infrastructures and develop our military equipment. Through the exploitation of the country’s mines, we can provide jobs for thousands of unemployed people across the country and within a few years, the country can reduce the level of poverty in the country. By developing the country’s mining sector, through bidding transparently, we can equip our military sector as much as can defend the country against any threat from aliens. Afghanistan can provide long-ranged, modern and sophisticated weapons by the utilization of the country’s mines and by this, we can have a self-sufficient military, including army and police. So, this is the main responsibility of the related organs to further strengthen this sector and do their best to transparently exploit them, as lack of transparency in the contracts, particularly in mining, bribery and looting of public property had the main elements behind the past governments collapse over the past twenty years.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.