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Minibuses resume operational in Kabul city


KABUL: As many as 11 minibuses have recently resumed services in some parts of the Kabul city, following a ceremony held by the Kabul Municipality on Wednesday.
“The minibus services started first from its origin in the Airport Avenue and ended to its distance in Sinama Pamir covering the capital’s downtown, while the second starting from Ahmad Shah Baba Mina Project to the same distance,” the Kabul Deputy Mayor for Finance and Administrative Affairs, Mawlavi Sayed Usmatullah Asem told a media gathering.
He assured to expand the services within the regular public transport system across the city soon.
According to him, the Kabul Municipality was planned to use more city-buses in different parts of the capital, where 11 of them have now resumed operation.
The minibuses have the capacity of 20 passengers with a standard fare system, said the deputy mayor adding that the plan will help traffic jam decrease across the city.
He recommended the citizens for well protection of the buses while traveling throughout the city.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.